Consulting Solution

We provide consulting on innovative solutions to design working prototypes or engineering the final product

Co-Robotics provides consulting and support to small and medium companies on product innovation, research, and development of ICT and cooperative robotic systems. Accordingly, we successfully supported companies in product innovation in the automotive and medical device markets.

CUBE Development system

The CUBE Development System is a modular electronic solution designed by Co-Robotics to meet the needs of a timely and customizable hardware\firmware technology to be used within several possible applications.
The full version of the CUBE system is a multi-core and high-performance solution for real-time data processing composed of several layers. 

  • Control layer 1 with Cortex-M3/4 microcontroller and IO expansions
  • Control layer 2 with Cortex-M3 microcontroller and IO expansions
  • LTE GNSS layer for 4G connectivity
  • Automation layer with up to 6 power relè
  • Logic input layer with up to 24V digital input signals
  • Power layer with max. voltage input of 36V and 3.3V, 5V, 12V outputs
  • LCD and joystick user’s interface
  • SD card and EEPROM memory bank
  • Automotive system with ELM327
  • PWM board expansion with RJ11 interface
  • IoT layer with:
    • 9-axis inertial system
    • Pulse-oximeter
    • Heart rate and proximity sensor
    • Bluetooth 4 low energy
    • Cortex-M3 microcontroller

Consulting: Expertise

Co-Robotics offers expertise in hardware, firmware, and software development as well as AI and algorithms implementation exploiting both the know-how of the team resulting from years of R&D within Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna Research Institute (Italy, Pisa) and the network of collaboration established with other ICT companies on the territory.

Consulting: Solutions

Smart system for secure blood

Smart system for secure blood bag storage and withdrawal through position led indicators, barcode reader, and dedicated application of database and access management. 

Smart controller system

Smart controller system for the reduction of consumption of road transport through FMS interfacing, road slope detection, and dedicated application for remote data assessment.