We design service robots for telecare, factory 4.0 and special applications. Our robots CO-operate with people thanks to advanced interfaces and a dedicated user-friendly design.


We design wireless sensor networks and wearable devices for smart home, wellness and advanced automation to be connected with cloud applications within IoT infrastructures.


We offer support for product innovation by designing hardware, firmware and software solutions for the construction of the prototype up to the engineering of the finished product.

Air and surfaces disinfection


Co-Robotics is developing a solution to stem the spread of COVID-19, especially in public and private hospitals.

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What We Do

Our Partners

Progetto Tiambienta

Co-robotics S.r.l.
Progetto co-finanziato dal POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020 | ASSE 1.1.5

Il progetto TIAMBIENTA mira a realizzare un ecosistema di servizi demotici in cloud tramite dispositivi IoT, per ambienti di vita - camper, nautica, spazi collettivi per l’educazione, finalizzati al miglioramento del benessere e del comfort degli utenti, all’incremento della sicurezza e al controllo e monitoraggio di ambienti e prodotti per una migliore gestione e manutenzione.

Pharaon Project

Pharaon project
is an European research project under Grant Agreement Nç 857188

Il progetto In Europe’s rapidly ageing society, there is growing need for tools that improve the quality of life, independence and overall health of older adults. Advanced ICT solutions that combine technologies from multiple disciplines can address this problem, but the market is fragmented and many solutions have limited scope.

The overall objective of the PHArA-ON project is to provide support for Europe’s ageing population by integrating digital services, devices, and tools into open platforms that can be readily deployed while maintaining the dignity of older adults and enhancing their independence, safety, and capabilities.  The project will utilise a range of digital tools including connected devices (e.g., the Internet of Things, IoT), artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud and edge computing, smart wearables, big data, and intelligent analytics that will be integrated to provide personalised and optimised health care delivery.

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