Robotics: Service Applications

Customized robotic solutions

We are able to easily and timely customize our robotic solutions from the hardware and software point of view to meet different needs within various scenarios of application.


Co-Robotics is developing a solution to stem the spread of COVID-19, especially in public and private hospitals. In particular, the MoveR-1 will offer a service of teleoperation for drug transportations/ patients interaction within quarantine areas.
Furthermore, MoveR-1 will develop and integrate technologies for air and surface disinfection in areas of access to emergency departments.


The companion version of the MoveR-1 is the C9 Robot used for human interaction and surveillance in neuralgic city areas, for example, two robots have been installed in the municipality of Prato, Italy. It is also used for Nursing Homes or Hotel reception services like check-in and check-out bag transportation. Two robots have been installed in the municipality of Verona Italy. 


MoveR-1 is used for smart transportation of shoes thanks to a customized box for shoe pick and place. The MoveR-1  is able to autonomously navigate within the different factory environments and to interact with the elevator to serve the different floors of the shoe factory.

Further Projects


Astro is an innovative robotic platform, specifically designed to provide both cognitive and physical assistance in healthcare applications (designed within the H2020-SCI-PM14-2016-EUJP project ACCRA).

ASTRO is equipped with a sensorized handle with up to 16 pressure sensors for physical human-robot interaction in walking assistance. 


CloudIA is an Assistive robot for frail and MCI elderly people; one robot has already been tested in Tuscany care facilities (CloudIA project). The design of CloudIA robot was developed by the Design Campus (DIDA) of Calenzano (Florence, Italy). 


Corsa mobile robot is a solution on development conceived for industrial applications, in particular for autonomous object transportation. 

Corsa embeds a customizable and smart conveyor roller to allow easy docking with any assembly line. 

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