Sensors Wearable

A novel wearable solution for
healthcare and human machine interfaces

Handi Smart Glove

HANDi, a novel and patented system of wearable sensors able to accurately and objectively measure the motor performance of patients with neurodegenerative disease supporting the diagnosis and analysis of the pathology.

HANDi is a lightweight, portable, and mobile-connected system that can be integrated into a comprehensive Cloud Care and Monitoring service at home and in the hospital or within IoT apllications.

  • Features
  • Bluetooth 4
  • 8h of continuous data TX
  • Fast charge
  • Embedded microcontroller for each unit
  • 9dof Inertial sensors for each unit
  • Embedded filtering and sensor fusion algorithms
  • Adaptable sizes

Handi Smart Ring

Co-Robotics, with the focus always on innovation and future, is currently developing a completely wireless solution with effective design and new functionalities all in a small, modular and smart ring device.

  • Daily activity tracker
  • HR and SPO2 monitoring
  • High wearability
  • Effective Design
  • Bluetooth 4 connectivity
  • Modularity
  • Multi-functionality
  • Harvesting solutions
  • Embedded AI
  • Extended operative time
  • Fast charge