The Companion Robot



Professional companion robot intended for advanced personal services, including companionship and entertainment. The design and technologies are particularly suited for tele-care, co-working in assisted residential facilities and the coaching of seniors.

Application and market size:

Robots for the ageing society is a promising market, since the world’s population ageing trend will make the percentage of older individuals aged over 60 increasing up to 21% by 2050.

Innovative features and advantages:

The robot autonomously navigates over the environments to safely interact with people, connect to IoT and smart home systems, control the environment or perform the manipulation and transportation of objects using the embedded robotic arm. New services and business models could be based on the opportunity to connect the robot with IoT personal and medical devices for advanced telecare, or directly to medical staff and doctors for e-health and professional coaching..

Technology status and readiness level:

Advanced prototypes have been developed and tested. TRL: 4-5

Intellectual properties:

UAMI Design registration No 002295857-0002 on date 23/08/2013

Brief Specifics: 

The robot hardware and the software functionalities can be customised on request. Price may change depending on the desired customization.


  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 610x735x1550 mm
  • Weigth: 65Kg
  • Speed: Max 1.4m/s
  • Autonomy: 16h


  • Two Wheels Drive
  • Rear Handle
  • Custom ABS Cover


  • Frontal 2-D Laser Scanner
  • Rear 2-D Laser Scanner
  • High Resolution Cameras
  • 3-D deth Camera

Control Interfaces:

  • 7” Android Tablet
  • Speech Recognition Software
  • Web-Based Remote Control Interface
  • Humal Gesture Recognition (Camera Besed)


  • Autonomous navigation
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Auto-Docking and Recharging
  • Remote Control
  • Environmental 3-D mapping


  • Telepresence
  • Tele-Care
  • Object Transportation
  • Object Manipulation
  • Surveillance