Robotics: Modular Platform


Key Features

MOveR-1 is an innovative robotic platform conceived for Industry4.0 applications, designed to improve modularity, flexibility and possibility of easy-customization as never done before thanks to an innovative mechanical frame design

Easily-assembled  frame, modular and customizable due to the combination of Aluminium industrial Bosh® rexroth® profiles

Integration of original CRESCO modules made of composite materials  (wood, aluminum and polymers) suitable for robot customization and  even user’s platform self-construction while ensuring the proper payload

Embedded certification layer (optional) for human operational safety including industrial PLC and safety laser scanner

Embedded 4-posterior omni-wheel to ensure optimal fluidity of movement, smooth rotation in place and higher payload


Technical Details

  • Weight: 50kg
  • Standard dimensions (customizable): Width: 500mm; Height: 450mm; Length: 600mm
  • Embedded PC  with Open Source ROS (Robot Operative System) and libraries
  • Payload max. 150Kg
  • Up to 8h of working


  • Omron Certification Layer
  • Autonomous 3-D environmental reconstruction fusing data from   laser scanner and internal odometer sensors.
  • On demand custom software applications
  • Low-noise or high-grip wheels

We offer a service of platform customization using 3-D printers and recycled plastic materials. We can realize the cover of the platform (outfit) on your request and specifics. 

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