Robotics: Modular Platform

Co-Robotics with the application of new technologies and research achievements try to simplify life in any kind of environment. As a result, we created Mover-1 and the different add-ons, that can be applied in different kinds of scenarios, from working life as the industrial assembly life to the medical health sector



Key Features

MoveR-1 is an innovative robotic platform conceived for Industry4.0 applications, designed to improve modularity, flexibility and possibility of easy-customization as never done before thanks to an innovative mechanical frame design

Easily-assembled  frame, modular and customizable due to the combination of Aluminium industrial Bosh® rexroth® profiles.

We offer a service of platform customization using 3-D printers and recycled plastic materials. We can realize the cover of the platform (outfit) on your request and specifics.

Patents pending on the mechatronic design and software modularity from CO-ROBOTICS and CRESCO LAB.

Weight: 57kg
Standard dimensions (customizable): Width: 500mm; Height: 527mm x 726mm x 484mm 
Embedded PC  with Open Source ROS (Robot Operative System) and libraries
Payload max. 150Kg
Motor power 400Watt
Combination of polyurethane-wheel and Omni-wheel for navigation on uneven surfaces
Autonomous indoor navigation fusing data from the double  laser scanner, internal odometer, and ultrasounds sensors
PLD Certification Layer
Rating:  Joystick and Bluetooth (10 mm) 
charging docking station 


Charging voltage 230V AC 
Charging voltage frequency 50 Hz
Maximum charging power 192W 
Charging time 4h 
Lifespan 1 year/ 350 cycles 
Weight 5.3 Kg
with a payload of 50 kg, up to 8h working 

Mover+add-on_conveyor roller
Mover+add-on_PlatformTruck 1


Key Features

We are able to customize the offered robotic solutions to meet the needs of our clients.  With the creation and implementation of new add-ons, we are able to apply MoveR-1 to different necessities and application environments. 

With the add-on of  UV-C  lamps, Mover-1 is able to sanitize any kind of environment by disinfecting air and surfaces and therefore stem the spread of Covid-19.

With Conveyor Add-ons, Mover-1 is able to transport objects not only within the factory but also to different floors by interacting with the elevator. As a result, we obtain a simplification of industrial assembly line for our clients.

With the add-on of a Conveyor Roller, Mover-1 becomes the perfect solution for industrial solutions. It allows autonomous object transportation and easy docking to any industrial assembly line.

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