Manuele Bonaccorsi
Manuele BonaccorsiChief Executive Officer (CEO)
PhD. Innovative Technologies
CEO and co-founder of CO-ROBOTICS is an expert on wireless networks and product innovation
Filippo Cavallo
Filippo CavalloChief Technical Officer (CTO)
MScEE, Phd in Bioengineering,
Responsible of technical development in CO-ROBOTICS, he is also assistant professor at the BioRobotics Institute (PI,Italy).
Dario Esposito
Dario EspositoHardware and Firmware developping
Electronic Engineer
Research assistant at the BioRobotics Institute, he is responsible for hardware/firmware development in CO-ROBOTICS.

The Company

CO-ROBOTICS is a Spin-Off company of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, located in PI (Italy). The company exploits the research outcomes of the BioRobotics institute on assistive robotics for the ageing population and the expertize achieved by its members as researchers in innovative technologies. CO-ROBOTICS provides consulting and support to small and medium companies in product innovation, research and development of ICT and cooperative robotic systems. The company designs robotic platforms, sensor networks and wearable devices intended to cooperate with humans, internet technologies and the IoT framework. In CO-ROBOTICS the cooperation is intended to free the people to perform high value human activities that machines can’t do for us, in short, let robots do their best as machines and the people make the difference as individuals.

The company is actively promoting the research outcomes of the Robot-Era project (FP7/2007-2013 – G.A n. 288899) and the business model of advanced assistive robotic services. CO-ROBOTICS was awarded of the special prize “Franci@Innovation” at the Italian National Innovation prize PNI 2016.