Robotics: Astro


Key Features

ASTRO is an innovative robotic platform, specifically designed to provide both cognitive and physical assistance in healthcare applications

In the full configuration, ASTRO is provided with front and rear 3D camera, laser range finder and tablet, maximizing the possibility to develop advanced models of interaction with users, based on posture, gesture, face and emotion recognition

Designed and developed with co-creation approaches within the H2020-SCI-PM14-2016-EUJP project ACCRA (No. 738251) for maximizing acceptability and usability

Provided with a rear box glove for objects transportation, microphone and speaker system for implementing natural language communication, multicolor LEDs encapsulated in eyes and body and docking station for autonomous recharging

High connectivity for cloud robotics applications


Technical Details

  • Weight: 65kg
  • Standard dimensions (customizable): 610x735x1320 mm
  • Embedded PC  with Open Source ROS (Robot Operative System)
  • Max speed 1.4 m/s
  • Up to 16h of working


  • Sensorized handle with up to 16 pressure sensors for physical human robot interaction in walking assistance
  • Autonomous 3-D environmental reconstruction fusing data from laser scanner, internal odometer sensors and inertial
  • On demand custom software applications

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